Have you ever thought about installing San Diego window tint in your car? Certainly, tinted windows look good and if you want to see more examples of how good it looks check out places similar to Window Tinting Sunshine Coast, but is there any factual advantage beyond curb appeal from tinting your windows? The fact is that tinting your car’s windows has enormously more to do with than just style. It essentially has numerous valued features whose advantages surpass well beyond its cosmetics. Below is a list of advantages that tinting your windows can give.

Light control

  • Tinting lessens the infrared rays coming in your car. This can lessen the interior heat of your vehicle by up to 60%, in turn saving on air conditioning and fuel expenses.
  • Tinting also blocks detrimental ultra violet lights entering your vehicle by around 99%.
  • By absorbing or reflecting a worthy portion of light entering the car, tinting can sustain car upholstery from untimely cracking or fading.



Tinted windows will hold shattered glass together in the occurrence of an accident, protecting occupiers from cracked glass and the resultant damages from.


Tinted windows engender less eye strain on the car’s driver. It also can help in the decrease of glare because of headlights, sun and other components of nature.


Window tinting can help hide your cars insides, preventing possible criminal activity.