Joe’s Stereo is an authorized dealer for Asanti Wheels. Asanti delivers custom luxury designs for wheels with world class quality and craftsmanship. Their forged wheels are made from premium aluminum and their trend-setting techniques are the talk of the industry with many competitors attempting to imitate them without success.

Get a mirror-like finish that separates your vehicle from the crowd and shows that you really care about your car. During the forging process, the actual structure of the steel is changed on a molecular level that comes from the intense heat and pressure. Then, a finish is applied and great effort is taken to ensure that each wheel is protected against voids, cracks or corrosion.

Asanti’s lightweight but dense wheels are available in over 60 selections of design, color, and weight. For those who accept nothing but the best for the customization of their vehicles, this line of products is sure to please even the most demanding lifestyles. Asanti has built a reputation of excellence and supreme style.

View some of our recent work with Asanti below and contact us to schedule an appointment for fitment and installation.

Recent Asanti Work