When individuals think performance and aftermarket modification, they usually come up with horsepower, torque, acceleration and top speed. But all of the power produced by an engine is unusable if the driver can’t control the car. That is why vehicle engineers rotated their attention to the suspension San Diego system, virtually as soon as they had mastered the internal combustion engine. The purpose of a car’s suspension is to maximize the chafing between the tyres and the road surface, to offer steering steadiness with good handling and to warrant the comfort of the travelers. Suspension has progressed tremendously over the years terminating in colossal ranges and types for the judicious consumer to select from.



Maximum vehicle engineers contemplate the dynamics of a moving car from two viewpoints:

  • Ride – a car’s aptitude to ride efficiently over a bouncy road
  • Handling – a car’s aptitude to accelerate, brake and corner

There are three vital constituents of any suspension: springs, shock absorbers or dampers and anti-roll bars. There are numerous types, sizes and rates of suspension springs. The dimensions and strength of a spring can help modify the ride height of the car. The spring rate will fine-tune the level of firmness of the ride and the stiffness of the cars handling.