When most people think of the hazards that occur on the road, the last thing that runs through their mind is skin cancer and driving. Unfortunately, being exposed to the sun while driving is a serious problem. One viable and easy solution to reduce exposure to UV rays while driving is to get your car windows tinted.

UV Rays and Photo Aging

Being exposed to the sun while driving can really do a number on your body. For starters, UV ray exposure can cause you to experience wrinkles, leathering and sagging of the skin, brown “age” spots and even cancers. However, since the glass in your car is designed to block out UVB, you’re typically protected from the face forward. Similar to this, the windshields are also created to prevent UVA from reaching you. This, however, leaves out the car’s side and rear window, which means you’re getting direct exposure to UVA as you’re driving.

This is why being exposed to the sun while driving can cause sunburns to develop in the head, neck, arm and hand. In fact, cars such as convertibles or ones that have sun-roofs, mean the driver and passengers are left with even more UV exposure. All this UV exposure can cause melanoma cancer to occur. While skin cancer can be treated, if it’s diagnosed early enough, it can also be deadly. Be sure to take the proper precautions on the road to avoid sun hazards. If you get heatstroke that can affect your driving significantly. You could end up in a car accident, if you have ended up in a car crash, consider conversing with a personal injury law firm. They can give you some perspective on how to move forward legally.

Protective Clothing

For instance, you should wear protective clothing while out on the road. This can include sunglasses, so that you protect your eyes from the UV rays and don’t have to squint as your driving. It can also mean wearing layered clothing or hats, so that no part of your skin is bare. When your skin isn’t bare, that means there’s no direct contact between your skin and the sun.

Window Tinting

Another way to block out sun hazards while driving is investing in window tinting for your car. Window tint will help to greatly reduce your exposure to UV rays, as well as the excessive sunlight that comes through. Check out this last blog entry where we discuss the best tinting options for your vehicle.

Different levels of window tint

Remember, the sun is very dangerous for your well-being, especially when you’re being exposed directly to UV rays; it’s vital that you stay protected from all the sun hazards while driving. Luckily, there are steps you can take to make sure that you’re staying safe while on the road. Trust Joe’s Stereo tinting professionals to keep your interior cool during those sunny San Diego days with our window tinting services. We use industry standard window tint film so no peeling, fading, or bubbling will occur.