When car video monitors were first presented in the market, they chiefly comprised of either an overhead or flip down monitor. These kinds of monitors were geared primarily towards parents who took long trips in the family minivan with their children. Nowadays, there are fairly a few more car video monitor options available to customers with variable reasons as to what they are used for. Of course the market is still bursting with parents eyeing to keep their kids occupied during lengthy rides, but now folks are installing San Diego car video monitors to entertain business clienteles, review DVD presentations on the way to a meeting or play the modern football game with their partners on the way to a pro football game. In addition to the overhead and flip down monitors, other categories of car video monitors available to customers at Joe’s Stereo include: in-dash monitors, headrest monitors, sun visor monitors and mirror monitors.


Custom stereo system with Kicker subs


Headrest monitors can either be attached to the back of your vehicle’s headrest or mounted into your headrest with the usage of a mounting bracket and mounting kit. There are even headrest replacement monitors that are designed to interchange your vehicle’s original headrest. This permits the customer to avoid cutting into the original headrest. Headrest monitors can be used in combination with or as a replacement to an overhead monitor.