An installed car stereo system provides vehicle owners with superior sound quality so long as exterior noise and car vibration is kept to a minimum. Dampening the effects of road and wind noise is extremely important. That’s why we go the extra mile when preparing a vehicle for a brand-new, custom-designed audio system.



From the placement of the speakers to the sound-absorbing quality of the cabin materials, sound quality enhancement is truly a science. Auto insulations are carefully selected for their ability to dissipate unwanted vibrations, eliminating the negative effect on the sound waves emanating from the speakers. Superior insulating materials also help keep the cabin interior at a comfortable temperature, reducing the amount of stress put on the air conditioning system.

Sound Quality Matters

Car audio quality depends on how sound waves from speakers are affected by ambient noise from vibration. The wave patterns can be disrupted in such a way as to cause distortion and a drop-off of certain frequencies. This is why sound-absorbing materials are often used in the door panels, beneath the speaker housings, and inside the firewall.

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When customers have their stereo system installed by the professionals at Joe’s Stereo, their car is carefully inspected inside and out and potential problems with noise are given the highest priority. How the speakers are placed and cushioned makes quite a difference in the actual sound quality as well as reverberation effects. All this is taken into consideration when an installation project is designed and implemented.

Introducing Dynamat Insulation

One of the most advanced sound-dampening and heat-blocking materials on the market, Dynamat insulation is the preferred choice for those who want the quietest possible ride. Made from a butyl rubber that is affixed to an aluminum alloy skin, Dynamat insulation sheets are used for the absorption of high-frequency vibrations as well as low-frequency sound waves.

This superior product also helps block the conduction of heat. When properly installed around the perimeter of the powertrain, heat from combustion is reflected, meaning that the interior of the vehicle is not affected by the energy produced by the engine.

Using a thermoacoustic liner virtually eliminates engine hum with the result being dead air inside the cabin. Rich audio quality is unaffected by interference from sound waves caused by vehicle vibration, allowing vehicle owners to enjoy the sound quality of their stereo system to the fullest.

The Finest Car Audio Installations

Rather than having your car’s audio system installed by the guy next door, take your onboard music entertainment system’s quality to the next level by scheduling an appointment with Joe’s Stereo. With special attention given to details such as sound insulation and vibration control, our expert installation techs will produce a result that your stereo system deserves. Your driving experience will be much more enjoyable because you have chosen the right folks to install sound and vibration insulation on your vehicle.