Having the right San Diego car video systems can help make your trips safer, more efficient and certainly more enjoyable especially if you have young ones on board.

There are various types of San Diego car video displays available, so decide what you intend to use it for before making your selection. If the display is going to interface with your navigation system, then you will need one that can be positioned where the driver or the navigator can see the display and access the control settings as needed. Consider our selection of in-dash DVD receivers, which can provide video content for front seat, back seat or overhead car video displays. DVD and AUX connections that support media streaming or satellite radio services may be what you need for those longer trips when there’s a lot of road between you and your destination.


Overhead / Headrest

Having children on board requires some sort of entertainment even on short trips. Car video displays that are built into the headrests provide space-efficient placement that would also be safer for your young ones. Overhead displays or portable monitors that attach to the backs of the front seats provide options for car owners who prefer a flexible car video installation.

Selecting Car Video Systems

Quality is also important when choosing car video systems. You want to make sure that your system can withstand the knocks and vibrations from an equipment that is constantly on the move. You want a system that is fuss-free and easy to manage in a moving vehicle. The audio and video inputs and outputs should be accessible, but better yet, consider a wireless system with remote controls.

Screen size is key to a pleasant viewing experience in a moving vehicle. You want a screen that is large enough for viewing maps or movies, but you don’t want one that would overwhelm the space. This is especially important if the San Diego car video display will be used with your GPS. Rear view video cameras are optional right now, but the Department of Transportation will make them mandatory in 2018 as enhanced safety features.

Reliable Technicians

There is quite a bit to consider whether you are planning a simple car video installation or one with all the bells and whistles. Let our experts show you the wide-ranging options suitable for your vehicle. At Joe’s Stereo, we carry premium brands, including JVC, Kenwood, Pioneers and JL Audio. Joe’s Stereo has been in the business of custom car video installations for at least 10 years. We work with the industry’s top brands for all types of installations in SUVs and luxury cars, including Bentleys and Rolls Royces. Contact our experts today and start enjoying your car video system soon.

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