Why is it important to have a car fire extinguisher? According to the National Fire Protection Association, 20% of all reported fires occur in a motor vehicle. Fires can break out for many different reason, and in rare cases, fires can start suddenly with no warning at all. If you want to err on the side of caution, keep a fire extinguisher in your car. Here’s why you want to be prepared at all times.

Electrical Problems


One of the top causes of car fires is a faulty electrical system. Usually this has something to do with the car battery. When the battery is charging, hydrogen gas can accumulate under the hood, and frayed wiring in the battery can create a current that sets everything ablaze.

Lack of Maintenance


If you want to keep your car in good shape, it needs to get regular maintenance. Failure to upkeep your vehicle can result in a fire because there could be leaks, broken parts, bad wiring, or other ideal conditions present for fire-starting. Using an hour meter is ideal if you want to ensure maintenance of your car, and the same goes for all vehicles. You may be asking yourself; why use an hour meter? The answer is simple; it records the running times of your car, which will then tell you when it’s time to get your car checked up, particularly the engine.


Automobile accidents are notorious for starting fires. That’s because a forceful impact can cause a whole lot of internal damage. Gas and oil leaks combined with the heat from friction are a deadly combination.

Undetected Design Flaws

Sometimes certain models of cars have inherent design flaws. This is especially true of new models that are built from the ground up. It often takes time and a lot of consumer complaints before such issues are discovered, and it might already be too late by then.

Overheating Engines

Some people love to push their cars to the max, others travel extensively for work or pleasure. Doing so in warm and dry climates can put added stress on your engine. When the heat becomes too much, parts can fail, and fires can result. In 2012, about 90,000 Ford cars equipped with EcoBoost engines were recalled due to overheating.

So why should you keep a fire extinguisher in your vehicle? Well, because it’s a great preventative step to keep your car safe and protect that killer stereo system you just had installed. You don’t want to get caught off-guard by a sudden fire and not be able to do anything about it. Equipping your car with a fire extinguisher can prevent injuries and save lives. There’s no better reason to have one than that.