Have you ever thought about window tinting San Diego in your car? Surely, tinted windows look lovely, but is there any factual advantage beyond curb appeal from tinting your windows? The fact is that tinting your vehicle’s windows has enormously more than just style. It essentially has numerous treasured features whose advantages surpass well beyond its looks. Below is a list of advantages that tinting your car windows can offer.

Light control

  • Tinting lessens the infra-red rays inflowing in your car. This can diminish the interior heat of your car by up to 60%, in turn saving on air conditioning and fuel expenses.
  • Tinting also blocks destructive ultra violet lights entering your car by up to 99%.
  • By absorbing or replicating a good portion of light entering the car, tinting can withstand car upholstery from untimely cracking or fading.


Tinted windows will hold crushed glass together in the occasion of a mishap, guarding occupiers from cracked glass and the ensuing damages.


Window tinting can help conceal your car’s interiors dissuading possible criminal action.

The quality of film used to tint a car is vital for its performance and resilience. Some low-quality tint jobs often bubble, diminish, or even become purplish in color soon after fitting. At Joe’s Stereo, use high-quality window tints.