If there’s any vehicle that deserves an upgraded audio system, it has to be your home on the road. Stock RV audio systems can be just OK, but for a vehicle that you spend so much time in, its worth investing in an upgraded audio and video system.


Multiple Audio/Video Systems

To hook up multiple AV systems in an RV is not unusual. In fact, many RV units come complete with one TV in the front and one in the back. The options with multiple systems can complicated and a very interesting project for our installers. If you’re yearning for the ultimate RV AV system, the route to go today is a unit called the ZX 800 Multimedia system from a company called Aridian Technologies Concertone. This amplifier/head unit delivers performance that will rival your home multimedia system. It also combines all the AV systems throughout the RV, enabling a user to control multiple systems, for instance the system in the living room, the bedroom and outside. The ZX 800 looks like a small electrical box. The manufacturer designed the system to handle all your AV needs.Concertone-zx800

DVD, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio

Load your DVD, CD or Bluetooth disc into units plugged into the ZX 800, or plug in a USB cord and watch the media from your hard drive. Hook up your cable connection, your satellite system or your rabbit ears; it even runs your Internet radio tuner. With a system as sophisticated as the ZX 800, most people rewire the entire AV system. New hardware includes wiring and high performance speakers in recess holes in the ceiling and subwoofers boxes beneath the furniture in the living space. Wire speaker units into the bedroom space, and add three-way speakers in boxes to the cargo storage, along with about 15 feet of connected wiring so the user can move the party outside if it’s nice. The great thing about the ZX 800 is that it can operate all three systems at the same time. In spite of how complicated it sounds, the RV audio installation is straightforward.
If you’re looking for a high-end AV system for a house, you can get top of the range systems with all the latest technologies, internet connectivity and applications you would want fitted by professional AV Installers. There’s no need to worry about setup in regards to multi room configuration as that is all done as part of the service.