Car Headlight Installation: HID, Halogen or LED?

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Three of the most popular choices for car headlights on the market are Halogen, Xenon and LED lights. However, many people still don’t know what the difference is between them. To help, below is an outline of the differences between these car headlights and who they may benefit. Hp> Halogen Headlights Currently, the most common… Read more »

Can you get a sunburn while driving?

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UV rays effects on Skin

When most people think of the hazards that occur on the road, the last thing that runs through their mind is skin cancer and driving. Unfortunately, being exposed to the sun while driving is a serious problem. One viable and easy solution to reduce exposure to UV rays while driving is to get your car… Read more »

The Best After Market Car Alarm Systems of 2014

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For most people the loss of a car or truck to theft is a disaster. Fortunately there’s no shortage of options for protecting your ride and we’ve compiled a short list of the best after market car alarm systems of 2014, all of which are available at Joe’s Car Stereo. For additional security measures, particularly… Read more »

Sound-Dampening with Dynamat Auto Insulation

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An installed car stereo system provides vehicle owners with superior sound quality so long as exterior noise and car vibration is kept to a minimum. Dampening the effects of road and wind noise is extremely important. That’s why we go the extra mile when preparing a vehicle for a brand-new, custom-designed audio system.   From the… Read more »

Signs of a blown car speaker

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Sooner or later, every car audio system experiences a malfunction of some kind. It could be the result of something fairly trivial like a loose ground wire. Or it could be something more serious like a blown car speaker. You have two options at this point. You could also have a look into upgrading your… Read more »