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If there’s any vehicle that deserves an upgraded audio system, it has to be your home on the road. Stock RV audio systems can be just OK, but for a vehicle that you spend so much time in, its worth investing in an upgraded audio and video system.


Multiple Audio/Video Systems

To hook up multiple AV systems in an RV is not unusual. In fact, many RV units come complete with one TV in the front and one in the back. The options with multiple systems can complicated and a very interesting project for our installers. If you’re yearning for the ultimate RV AV system, the route to go today is a unit called the ZX 800 Multimedia system from a company called Aridian Technologies Concertone. This amplifier/head unit delivers performance that will rival your home multimedia system. It also combines all the AV systems throughout the RV, enabling a user to control multiple systems, for instance the system in the living room, the bedroom and outside. The ZX 800 looks like a small electrical box. The manufacturer designed the system to handle all your AV needs.Concertone-zx800

DVD, Bluetooth, Satellite Radio

Load your DVD, CD or Bluetooth disc into units plugged into the ZX 800, or plug in a USB cord and watch the media from your hard drive. Hook up your cable connection, your satellite system or your rabbit ears; it even runs your Internet radio tuner. With a system as sophisticated as the ZX 800, most people rewire the entire AV system. New hardware includes wiring and high performance speakers in recess holes in the ceiling and subwoofers boxes beneath the furniture in the living space. Wire speaker units into the bedroom space, and add three-way speakers in boxes to the cargo storage, along with about 15 feet of connected wiring so the user can move the party outside if it’s nice. The great thing about the ZX 800 is that it can operate all three systems at the same time. In spite of how complicated it sounds, the RV audio installation is straightforward.
If you’re looking for a high-end AV system for a house, you can get top of the range systems with all the latest technologies, internet connectivity and applications you would want fitted by professional AV Installers. There’s no need to worry about setup in regards to multi room configuration as that is all done as part of the service.

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The San Diego International Auto Show


When the world wants to see what is in store for drivers and the automotive industry in the year to come, they make plans to attend The San Diego International Auto Show. This city is home to hundreds of car shows each year that bring the public the best and the brightest that auto manufacturers around the world have to offer. The biggest event to hit this city each year is the International San Diego Auto Show. This exhibition features the newest makes and models from car manufacturers from all over the world. In many cases, this stage is the first venue at which these designs are being revealed. It offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to any car enthusiast. In addition to just cars themselves, cutting-edge advances in accessories and audio equipment designed for cars make their debut as well. There are no other events geared towards automotive innovation that can compare to this one. The size and scope of the automotive technology on display here will have people itching to get behind the wheel and take a test drive.

kj6b0bnmThe San Diego Auto Show 2014 has plenty in store for eager drivers. This year’s event will be held at the Omni San Diego Hotel. Taking place between December 28 and January 6, it will offer visitors plenty of ground-breaking new cars and trucks in addition to outstanding amenities when it comes to lodging. There are a considerable number of highly-anticipated cars that will be making their debut on these dates. In addition to getting a first look at some of the leading cars and trucks of the future, people attending the show can explore all that is offered by Mazda Family Day. The entire conference center offers an exciting and family-friendly atmosphere, making it the ideal event to attend for people of all ages in the area.

The exhibition will also feature Ride and Drives, an opportunity that allows people to get behind the wheel and experience select new makes and models for themselves. Additional show features will include special deals on cars by select manufacturers and booths set up by car companies of all kinds geared at promoting new products, electronics, and services. Anyone visiting the show must be sure to explore the amazing sounds coming from the audio division of the exhibition. Featuring the latest in digital technology and car audio configurations.
Regardless of whether you like to simply browse or are a serious collector, the International Auto Show coming to San Diego will provide an unforgettable experience.

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Coil and leaf spring suspension systems both have their own pros and cons , but if you’re considering using a suspension replacement for the purpose of car enhancement, it’s a good idea to have a full understanding of both before making a choice.

Spring suspension systems are essentially a set of leaf springs suspended by the car’s axle to keep the wheels of the car on the road. Coil suspension, on the other hand, is more in line with what we think of when he hear the word “springs”. It’s basically a strong spring wrapped around a short piston. This type of car suspension was first really seen in racing but has become fairly popular lately amongst everyday drivers.

Both of these suspension systems, as mentioned, have a few things that they excel in. Leaf springs are quite a bit more rigid, for example. This means that they’re capable of handling a very heavy load, quite a bit more than coil suspension systems in most cases. Being a somewhat more simple system also means that they tend to be quite a bit less expensive than coil suspension systems. It’s also usually easier to find them than it is to find good coil systems. After all, they’ve been around a good bit longer, so it only makes sense that more people are making them. Coil systems, on the other hand, tend to handle quite a bit better when properly adjusted. The fact that they have so many options for adjustment is another benefit in and of itself. Although new suspension can be fitted onto most cars, Low-offset has produced a guide specifically for the Nissan 350z. However, we still recommend that you take a look at Low Offset’s guide to 350z coilovers because many of the suspension system’s featured can be fitted onto other vehicles too!

Lastly, there is the vanity factor. Even though coil suspension systems have been rising in popularity and availability lately, not many people have managed to actually install them compared to the people that still have leaf spring suspensions. Having a proper coil suspension on your car is, all on its own, worth at least a few bonus points amongst any car buffs you may have in your circle of friends.

Sadly, however, every system has its downside. Spring systems, for example, can’t be adjusted the way that coil systems can. The fact that they’re fixed in place also leads to a noticeably bumpier ride due to the fact that they just don’t have as much room to move as coil systems have. Coil systems, though they have the longer list of benefits, also have a longer list of downsides. Foremost among these is the fact that you can get a pretty rough ride, if not outright failure, if the system isn’t properly adjusted. They’re also the more expensive of the two options by a noticeable degree and you don’t want to skimp on them by paying for the cheaper ones.

If you happen to be in the San Diego area and you’re thinking about switching out or adjusting your car’s suspension, by the way, it’s a good idea to check out the body shop at Joe’s stereo. They’re extremely good with recommending an aftermarket suspension system for practically any car.

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Many people wonder if it’s worth getting an aftermarket car exhaust installed. The answer to this question is 100 percent yes! Upgrading your exhaust system allows exhaust gases to escape quicker and more efficiently. In other words your engine “breathes” better. This can free some power from your engine giving it more horsepower.

Exhaust pipes are made with two types of bends, which makes a difference in the way the air flows. These two types of bends are the “crush-bend technique” and a “mandrel bend.” A car exhaust can be made from mild steel, aluminized steel, or stainless steel. Most stock systems are made from mild steel, which have a tendency to deteriorate over time. The exhaust systems we install at Joe’s Stereo are made from stainless steel, which is designed to last for the life time of your vehicle.

There are several benefits to installing an aftermarket exhaust system. Not only does it improve performance, but it also adds to your vehicle’s appearance and sound. Installing an aftermarket car exhaust will change the sound of your car exhaust. While idling it gives a low growl, but during acceleration, you’ll hear an aggressive roar. Most exhaust systems add to the appearance of your vehicle giving it more style or an aggressive look. If you prefer the stock look exhaust system, there are many systems that look stock, but have still have the performance gains. You can choose the diameter of pipes. You should go much larger in diameter of a stock system if you plan on adding a turbocharger or supercharger. The tips of our mufflers are polished, which gives it a more refined look. With our well designed exhaust systems, your vehicle’s gas mileage can also be increased.

At Joe’s Stereo, we have a specialized and trained team that can provide multiple types of installations. Our services also include car audio installation, amplifiers, speakers, sub woofers, and HID headlights. We also do window tinting, installation of suspension and custom wheels. We can even do audio installation on your boat or RV. We take pride in providing the highest quality work to our customers.

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Start and unlock your car from where every you are via your smartphone. It can work with a iPhone, iPad, iPod, Blackberry, or any Android smartphone. Viper SmartStart eliminates the need to ever carry the remote on your key ring again. Finally a security system that is working and moving forward the updated tech world we all live in.

SmartStart is created by Viper with Directed Electronics Inc., a vehicle security company. It specializes in remote starting, and is currently the leader in security and remote starting that works with all the smartphones.

Taking the time to warm up your car, while you shiver inside really is unnecessary. With this smart alarm, you just pick up your phone and start your car. This device can turn any car in a luxury. Although, many find they can’t live without it. It has become a necessity for most. It is just so convenient. Who wants to waste precious seconds spending unlocking your car, then turning the key in the ignition when your car alarm can do it for you.

It is amazing that they finally came out with something that is moving with this ever changing world. But, what about protection? Protecting your most precious cargo is always the most top priority. A security system set in place will certainly help to deter theft. Crime prevention is key, and at Joe’s stereo, you get a certified dealer to install your SmartStart, so you can be confident in the level of protection you’re receiving.

We can install your SmartStart car alarm with easy and assist you with many questions you many have. Our customer service is wonderful, and the finished product is perfect and installed the right way. Just stop by the shop and we will be more then happy to recommend the most secure system for you vehicle.

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Are you a vehicle owner who is considering the option to have your windows tinted in the near future? If so, then you may be curious as to what the advantages of having tinted windows are in addition to where you can take your car for the absolute best quality and most affordable window tint San Diego. Fortunately, you have come to the right place; Joe’s Stereo offers quality window tinting at an affordable price that cannot be beat.

Benefits of Vehicle Window Tinting

There are a number of advantages that having tinted car windows can afford to you. For starters, window tint can lower the overall interior temperature of your car by preventing more of the sun’s rays from entering your car. You are probably already well aware of just how hot and uncomfortable your car can get in San Diego, especially during the hot and humid days of summer. Depending on the level of tint that you end up going with in your car, you can reduce its overall interior temperature by several degrees.

As a result, your car’s air conditioning system also gets a break by not having to work as much or as hard. This results in a longer life for your vehicle’s air conditioner and saves you money in repairs down the road. After all, cars that constantly have to have to AC running at full blast to keep cool are more susceptible to radiator problems, overheating, lack of charge, and freon leakage.

Finally, having tinted car widows can also save your car’s interior from premature damage caused by UV ray exposure. Specifically, the sun’s rays can lead to cracked upholstery, discoloration, and other unattractive wear. Since tinted car windows reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches your car’s interior, you enjoy a cooler ride and your car maintains its value for longer as well.

Window Tinting Services

If you are ready to have tinted windows on your vehicle, give us a call or come on by either of our two locations (Downtown and Mission Valley). We use only industry standard window tint to ensure long lasting quality. Furthermore, our service technicians have plenty of experience when it comes to installing window tinting, so they can be sure to have the job done on your car in no time and for a fair price as well.